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3 Mukhi Rudraksha

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3 Mukhi Rudraksha: Three-faced Rudraksha belongs to TRI FIRE (Ahwaneya, Garhpatyal, and Dakshinagni). It keeps the person free from all kinds of bad luck. Three-faced Rudraksha is best for wealth and education. The children who regularly suffer from fever should wear it. Three Faced Rudraksha eliminates all sins of wearer.


It shields the person from accidents, disasters, troubles and increases knowledge.


Importance of the Rudraksha,The story about the creation of the Rudraksha, How to purify the Rudraksha Rosary, How to wear Rudraksha and to know benfit of RUDRAKSHA CLICK HERE RUDRAKSHA


Mars rules the Three-faced Rudraksha. It calms the sins of Mars, i.e., land disputes, widowhood, disordered menstrual cycle, kidney, blood pressure, poisoning, and accidents. It further assists to controls worry, depression, negative feeling, weakness, guilt, inability and inferiority complexes, etc. It is more beneficial for the Persons born under Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius ascendants.


Mantra for Wearing Three-faced Rudraksha


Om Rum Lim Hreem Hoorn Om

Asya Shree agni mantrasya vdshishtliaj rishih Gayatri

 chhandhah, Agni devata, Hreem beejam, Hum shaktih, chaturvargsiddhayarthe jape Rudraksh dharanarhte viniyogah

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