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7 Mukhi Rudraksha

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7 Mukhi Rudraksha: Seven-faced Rudraksha is termed as Aanat its lords are SAPT RISHIS and SUN

Seven Mukhi Rudralsha bestows the person with respect, honor, prosperity, wealth, and spiritual power. The 7 faced Rudraksha is supremely promising for the birth of a "son''. It gives the native with secret wealth, Ladies Vashi Karan, elimination of enemies, etc. It is used by Persons involved in Gold smuggling, frauds, and other such unlawful actions or sins. Saturn rules the Seven-faced Rudraksha. This Seven-faced Rudraksha purifies the malefic influences of Planet Saturn, i.e., Diseases occurring quickly without any visible causes, cold obstruction, hopelessness,impotency, depression, delay, In performances, long-lasting diseases, poverty, anxiety, etc.


Importance of the Rudraksha,The story about the creation of the Rudraksha, How to purify the Rudraksha Rosary, How to wear Rudraksha and to know benfit of RUDRAKSHA CLICK HERE RUDRAKSHA

Mantra for Wearing 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

Om Hreem Kreem Gleem Hreem Sroan


Asya Shree Anant mantrasya Bhagwan rishih, Gayatii

 cbhandahy Ananto Devat. Kreem Beejam. Hreem shaktih,

 abbhesht siddhyarthe Rudraksh dharanarthe jape viniyogah

It is used effectively during misfortune, danger and threatened death also against accidents.

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