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Coral Gemstone

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The Coral Gemstone is known by many names such as, Praval Miranga, Majaan, Pravalak, Bhoumaratna Vidrum, Angarak mani, and Sinduja.

Color of Coral Gemstone:

The color of the Coral Gemstone is red or orange. We know it, particularly by its color. It is naturally dull, and polishing is necessary to bring out its glassy luster.

Most coral gemstones available these days are varieties of Corallium rubrum. Besides, it is a very specific pink to red-colored species of the coral genus.

The advantages of wearing Coral:

Coral stone can demolish all adversaries and enemies. On the other hand, it emerges victorious and valorous. Coral Gems brings effect immediately. It ensures great luck to disease if worn on the wrist or in a garland around the neck after purified by the incense on a Tuesday, or a Sunday, or a Saturday.

It is favorable and beneficial for the natives. Who born with Aries, Scorpio as their signs, and with Ascendant Cancer or Leo.

Those born with Ascendant Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces may also wear Coral. Furthermore, they should consult a good Astrologer about weight and quantum of the Coral Stone.

In addition, according to Numerology, if the natives born on 9, 18, 27 i.e., mean number 9 wear Coral, all their desires will fulfill. The natives having evaluated mean number 9 and born on Tuesday have Coral a great benefit.

Important points keep in mind to wear Coral:

  1. It would be best if you bought the Coral at the quantum of four and a quarter Ratti.
  2. Make sure to buy the corals always on a Tuesday and keep it wrapped in a piece of red cloth up to the next Tuesday.
  3. Wear it in pure gold or copper-carat gold.
  4. Arrange the ceremony of the consecration of the corals during the influence of the Pushya constellation.
  5. Wear it on the ring finger.