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Heassonite Gemstone

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Hessonite Gemstone is an important stone in Vedic Astrology. It is known by many names such as Pingasphatik, Tamomani, Gomedak, Rahuratna, Tranavar, Cinnamon-Stone, Pissi, Hazar Yamani etc.

Color of Heassonite Gemstone:

The color of Heassonite Gemstone is a mostly reddish yellow to brown, red cinnamon color. Though it can occur in other colors as well. It is a transparent and shining gem. The hessonite color is of Rahu. It is one of the two dangerous planets that cause irreparable injuries to a native's life. Though it is a mathematical presence in Astrology, yet it does not have any figure. The planet does not have any particular choice gem or jewel of its own.

The advantages of wearing Heassonite:

The time for the consecration of Heassonite has to be during the constellation of Rabi Pushya, or Guru Pushya, or any Pushya hours.

According to numerology, the natives born on 4,13, 22, and 31 days of a month. It has an evaluated mean number of 4. The Lord of that number is Uranus. It is also said that the Uranus has the hessonite as its choice gem. However, any gemstone worn for pacifying the Rahu must always be well-consulted with an experienced astrologer.

Important Points keep in mind to wear Heassonite:

  1. You must wear the Heassonite not less than four and a quarter rattis.
  2. It should be worn in the alloy (Triloha). Heassonite should not be worn in gold or silver; otherwise, it would become a ring of the eclipse.
  3. It should be Worn it on the middle finger, which is the finger of Saturn or in the ring finger.
  4. If it is worn like a talisman or yantra around the neck instead of a ring, efficacies grow up much faster.