Lahsuniya or Cat's Eye Gemstone

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Lahsuniya or Cat's Eye Gemstone

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We know the Cat's Eye Gemstone as Lahsuniya, Vidooraja, Vaidurya, Hemavaidoorya, Keturatna, Vidalaksha, Sootramanhi, Billour, etc.

Colour of Lahsuniya or Cat's Eye Gemstone.

It looks like the eyes of a cat and is trans­parent also. It is shining as if a cat is examining a certain area for its move­ment. It has a unique, catchy color- a mix of Sun and shadow.

Lahsuniya Stone or the Cat's eye is the gem of Ketu. Ketu is considered a demon, which has a body that is severed and the torso is smeared in profuse blood. Ketu is a shadow planet that enters with mostly all the planets. People believe that the Cat's eye drives away evil souls. The Cat's eye stone is available in beautiful colors.

In Astrology, Ketu does not have any sign. It is generally high in the chart of the natives of Sagittarius and low in the Gemini. As it is a shadow planet, it enters well with almost all the planets.

According to the numerology, the natives born on the 7th, 11th, and 25th, of a month get seven as their mean number. The lord of the 7th house is Varun or Neptune, and its gem is the Cat's Eye. Hence if the native is under such influence of the Planet since birth, they should wear the Cat's eye stone for boosting their luck.

Essential Points to wear the Cat's Eye Gemstone:

  1. The weight of the stone should never be less than three rattis or carats, but decide it's actual required weight only after consulting an experienced astrologer or a gemologist.
  2. As far as practicable, wear the Cat's eye in an alloy or panchadhaatu (five-metalled) ring or locket.
  3. It is advisable to wear the Cat's eye in a locket form rather than in the form of a ring.
  4. If studded in a ring, wear the Cat's eye in the middle or the ring finger.

Wear the Cat's eye Stone during the moments of any Pushya constellation. Prefer it to wear during the Amritayoga (except Sunday) also.