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Emerald Gemstone (Panna)

The planet Mercury, the ruler of knowledge and intelligence, rules Emerald. We also know Emerald Gemstone as Panna, Haridraratnag Taakshyar, Gaoortyat, Marakat, Souperna, Soumya, Paachichalai, and Peeloo.

The Color of Emerald (Panna) Gemstone:

Panna is glowing green color soft, Gem. Panna is green, glowing, shining, fresh, transpar­ent, bright as the color of a parrot. It is also soft, shiny, and pretty like the new grasses and the lotus flow­ers. Besides, Emerald is a beautiful, elegant, and charming precious stone. When Mercury is in Virgo, it may bring the native to the top of academic or literary fields unless badly affected.

The Emerald (Panna) Is Gems of the Planet Mercury.
For the people has Gemini or Virgo ascendant, Panna or Emerald Gemstone is the Gemstone of their life. The Emerald stone assures not just a healthy long life but further brings fame and recognition. Also, for the natives under the Ascendant Leo, it is incredibly beneficial. For the natives with Ascendant Libra, the Panna or Emerald is similar to the significator of remarkably great public honor. Though they may be more extravagant. For the person with Ascendant Sagittarius or Pisces, it assures the marital peace, satisfaction, and happiness and also growing the intelligence for more skilled jobs and business.


  • Emerald or Panna is one of the great five Gems known as Pancha Ratna. The Mercury planet is the prince in the council of the planet that assures intelligence, knowledge, the presence of mind, and progress in education and careers.
  • It is highly affected by the perfect control of the nervous system. Emerald or Panna is also beneficial in defects of memory, concentration, stammering, etc.
  • Combust, or debilitated Mercury usually causes lung problems (Asthma, bronchitis) and also may be a reason for the academic downfall. Here a good quality Emerald or Panna performs miracles,
  • People in business, authors, writers, and publishers may liberally use Panna or Emerald.
  • Emerald or Panna is further beneficial for those who are extremely lazy. Panna is also useful for those who need control over the tongue or engaged in communication.
  • Newly married couples must avoid wearing Emerald or Panna as it decreases sexual appetite and performance.

 According To The Numerology: Emerald or Panna is also beneficial for the People born on 5th, 14th, 23rdof a month get a mean evaluated number 5, Number 5 represent the Mercury in numerology


Essential Tips To Wear Panna or Emerald Gemstone:


  1. Wear the Panna or Emerald Gemstone on Wednesday.
  2. Wear the Panna or Emerald Gemstone with an alloy or bronze or gold rings or lockets.
  3. Buy the Panna or Emerald Gemstone on Wednesday and retain it by covering in a piece of silk cloth around the right arm to test. If everything is fine during the week, then wear Emerald.
  4. Use perfect Panna or Emerald.
  5. It should not have any black spot within. Its usually worn in silver unless particularized (Some also use gold).
  6. Weight is set according to necessity but usually uses more than 3 Ratti.

Chant the mantra to inoculate power is. "Om barang bareeng barong sau budhaye namah " which should be recited ideally 9000 times, or one may use the already abhimantrit gems. Also donate green grass to cows, green fabrics to children. Use different colored flowers at the time of performing Pooja. Panna or Emerald age is three years; afterwards, change the Panna or Emerald.


As a final point, wear the Panna or Emerald Gemstone on a Pushya Constellation day, preferably on the Mercury constellation, or Gurupushya or Ravipushya and during the Raviyoga hours.


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