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Pearl or Moti

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Pearl or Moti

Moon rules Pearl or Moti. The Moon is the cool calming planet of Hindu astrology. The Gemstone of Moon is the fresh white Pearl. The Planet Moon is known as the king of the constellations. Various names recognize Pearl. Such as bhouktika, chandraratna, muktaphal, Mukta, shuktija, shashiratna, shashipriya, and mukharid.

Color of Pearl:
Pearl is a bright white glowing gem. The Moon gives cool pleasing rays. Furthermore, Pearl further assures peace of mind, comfort, happiness, joy, well-being, and satisfaction. Moon is the auspicious planet. Therefore its gem the Pearl never delivers us the adverse effects.


The Benefits of Wearing Pearl:

  • All favorable pearls assure heirs, prosperity, wealth, excellent fate, glory, and fame. They further eliminate all human pains, distress, troubles, fears, worry, and misfortune. It also assists in speedy recovery from the diseases and delivers desired goals.
  • Pearl also finishes the fear of dying by poison in humans. It even wins overall problems in life, destroys their enemies, assured peace, comfort, and happiness in life would get an heir and success in difficult fields.


According to the numerological predictions, a person who is born on the 2nd, or 11th, or 20th or 29th of any month get an evaluation base 2, which denotes to the Planet Moon.

Pearls coming from 'Basra' are of pure class and profoundly prescribed for overcoming menial anxieties and marital disputes. A person having Moon as yoga karaka or benefic should always use Pearl.


General Characteristics of Pearl or Moti


  1. Pearl in silver can relieve various stresses.
  2. If you are doubtful and cannot make decisions, you may wear a Pearl. Besides, you should chant the Gayatri mantra for 30 days. It will have a calming impact on the mind and will be able to make quick and smart decisions.
  3. Pearl improves memory, vision, and concentration. So it is beneficial for scholars, learners, or students.
  4. It improves the individual charm and prescribed for the fair sex.
  5. It improves trust in love affairs and the ability to understand each other.
  6. Real pearl wear around the neckline of ladies will preserve their purity.
  7. Pearls keep the wearer away from ill-reputed persons.
  8. Pearls further aid to acquires self-confidence and improves mental abilities.

More about Pearl

Chant the Mantra "Om sharang shareeng Sharoong saw chardramase namah" ideally 11000 times at the time of wearing Pearl and offer white flowers at the time of Pooja. Donates rice, ghee, white clothes, and milk products to Brahman. 

Essential Features to Keep In Mind To Wear Pearl:

  1. It should be collected or purchased on a Monday and keep it in a piece of white silk cloth till the next Monday.
  2. In-ring, never buy the Pearl or its kind less than four and a quarter of a ratti in weight.
  3. If Pearl is studded in a locket, then it needs more than 1 and a 1/4 ratti in weight.
  4. Worn the Pearl in the pure silver.
  5. Wear the Pearl on the ring finger or little finger.

The ritual of blessing should be followed during the times of Pushya constellation, Sompushya, or during the amrita siddhi yoga on a Mon­day.

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