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Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

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Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is a naturally found Gemstone. It consists of corundum and slight traces of iron, which makes its beautiful yellow hue. We know it by many names as Pushparaag, Peetaman, Guru Ratna, Gurupriya Pushparaaj, Topaz, Yakoot and Asphar.


Colour of Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Yellow Sapphire is a naturally bright yellow coloured gemstone, just like the flower Amaltas. The Yellow Sapphire has a lovely golden colour.


The advantages of wearing Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire:

The yellow sapphires are the gems of the Divine Guru Jupiter. Guru Jupiter always thinks of every body’s welfare. It embarks upon changing every person’s bad times into good.

Similarly, the yellow Sapphire only gives good results to all for the welfare of the natives and all. If you wear yellow Sapphire, it encourages you to do holy things.


Yellow Sapphire most pious Gem

The gems unite the separated lovers, render marital bliss among the couple, ensures heirs. Thus it is the most pious Gem all over the world.

This is a gem for the native-born under signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Yellow Sapphire also provides long life. As the Planet Jupiter is the Lord in the Seventh House of the Gemini and Virgo-Born. The Yellow Sapphire also ensures their proper and choice-able marriages with perfect matches.

As the Planet is the Lord in the fifth house of the Ascendant Leo and Ascendant Scorpio, the Yellow Sapphire ensures heirs. For natives born under the Aries and cancer signs, the Yellow Sapphire also provides good luck.

In short, the Yellow Sapphire is a multi-purpose gem. The Yellow Sapphire gives wealth, education, knowledge, heirs, good marriages, and prosperous life.

According to the numerology, the birthdates 3, 12, 21 ensures their Lord is Jupiter. Especially those born of any of these dates, they must wear the Yellow Sapphire.

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