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Ruby Gemstone

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Ruby is the gemstone of the Sun. As the King of all planets is Sun, it is also the king of Navratnas. In the ring of Navratnas, it is placed in the center and also surrounded by eight other gems.

It is called by many names like Manikya, Chunni, Manik, Suryakaanta manhi, Shohnratna, robiratna, Shohnopol, Padmaraag, Lohit, Kookbinda, Souganghik, Basuratna, Yakuth, Soorkh etc.

Color of Ruby Gemstone:

It has light red or rose color and is considered to be of high quality like that of pigeon’s eye.

According to the numerology, the native who is born on either of the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th days of a month, he or she is evaluated as one and becomes representative of the Sun. A real Ruby provides coolness if we put it on the eyes. It would soon become warm. It is beautiful like red lotus petals, pure, round, with a uniform length, refreshing in look and shining. In the West, it is considered as a symbol of love. Even they call it a Love-Stone.

Essential points to wear Ruby Gemstone:

  1. It must be more than five Ratti.
  2. Ruby should buy on Sunday and be kept wrapped up in a cloth for about a week till the next Sunday, if the effect is giving any bad results, then do not wear it.
  3. It ensures that native get favor from Government and higher authorities. It provides sound sleep and peace of mind.
  4. If it is studded in a ring must always be worn in the ring finger made of gold or silver.
  5. Dull, milky white, dual-colored, Crisp or Crunchy, less transparent, or Crack, these Rubies are considered inauspicious according to Indian Astrology. A high-quality ruby Gemstone is that which radiates red-hued rays all around if placed under the sun rays. Make sure to buy and wear it on Sunday, and to get miraculous results from it, a proper ceremony of consecration should also be performed.