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While building a home, numerous people consider over whether they should have a separate servant room in the home. For some, it's feasible to build a separate servant room or servant quarter, and some do their servants sleep in the pantry or kitchen areas. Following the Vaastu Shastra tips for servant room in the home helps in the good relationship between the servant and the owner. Servants are persons who assist us with our family duties and take care of us.
Servant's Room or quarter is essential to build as per Vastu because if this place is constructed in the wrong place, then it inevitably shifts the mindset of the servant to commit wrongdoings. Vastu Shastra recommends arranging this Servant Room in the right direction so that the master can have authority over his servant. It has also been seen that some servants act ill-doings such as cheating, theft, fraud, lying, dishonest, usurping the master's place, etc. if placed in the wrong place. Hence Vastu Shastra suggests proper placement and direction for servant's Room and Servant Quarter:

Top Vastu Tips for Servant Room

  1. The best place of the servant room or quarter is the northwest zone. 
  2. The second best place for Servant room or quarter is in the Southeast direction as it is being said that servants living there do not usurp the position of master and stay in control.
  3. Avoid Northeast and Southwest direction to build Servant Room as this place is not suitable for the servant room, according to Vastu Shastra servant staying here control their owner and also perform something like theft.
  4. The ground level of the servant room should not be higher than the level of the main home.
  5. Keep clean the Servant room.
  6. Do not place expensive items and electrical equipment in the servant room
  7. Follow proper Vastu guidance regarding the construction of the windows and doors of the servant room.
  8. Apply Warm and calming shades on the walls of the Servant room to bring in harmony and peace of mind for the servants.
  9. Do not allow the servant to cook the food in the servant's room.


Ask Acharya team of Vastu Expert to take care of the following points while analyzing the Vastu of the servant room. Vastu Tips of the servant room comprises a thorough analysis.

  • Proper direction and location of the servant room in the house
  • The direction of the door
  • Correct orientation of the bed
  • The direction and position of the windows
  • The direction and position of the electrical devices
  • The direction and position of the Bathroom and toilet
  • The color scheme of the Servant Room

It is auspicious for the family members to follow the Vastu tips for the servant room to assure peace and harmony in the place.